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'Her name is Akvile 'tarantula' Vitkauskaite and she is SCARY.'


Irish fight fans get ready for one of the hardest hitting female fighters I've seen for a long time, Writes Billy Murray - her name is Akvile 'tarantula' Vitkauskaite and she is from Lithuania -but the good news is she is living in Dublin and fight fans will not have far to travel to see her fight.

She popped into the ProKick gym for sparring and when finished received a standing ovation from the fighters class as battling babes Akvile Vitkauskaite and Lydia Braniff showed the men how tough women really are.
Nicknamed the 'Tarantula' because of her non-stop kicking and punching technique.

Lydia Braniff  & Akvile Vitkauskaite Akvile lands a kick to Lydia Lydia Braniff shows why she is the worlds best atomweightLydia Braniff lands a front kick
I couldn't believe it when I was told that this was Akvile's first ever kickboxing spar but I found later that her martial art curriculum vitae reads with an impressive fight record under knockdown Kyokushinkai karate - one of the toughest forms of full contact karate. She is the current Lithuanian champion, Belgium champion and all of Netherlands champion.

Akvile has a good partnership with a Thai boxing specialist trainer Milan Vanik from Slovakia and they hope to open a Thai boxing academy soon in Dublin as they apply for membership to ProKick and the WKN.
You can see 'The Tarantula' every Saturday in the fighter's class at the Prokick gym.
The sparring is that good that I could sell tickets and pack the gym out.


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