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'A Picture special - ProKick en-tour to Villars Switzerland .'

The team arrive in Geneva

A team of Northern Irish schoolkids who travelled to Switzerland at the weekend for a rare sporting event found themselves in the middle of incredible diplomatic welcome.
The youngsters, part of the ProKick Kickboxing Gym, were in the ski-resort of Villars at the foot of the Alps for blue riband international event. And following their incredible displays in the ring, their visit was given a big scale seal of approval when the British Consulate General to Switzerland, Susan Gregory, arrived to pay them tribute.
Gregory, joined by several high ranking officials including the Lord Mayor of Villars, stepped into the ring at the end of the event to congratulate the young athletes on their endeavours and to pay tribute to their coach Billy Murray for his cross community work in Belfast.

The Northern Ireland select The Swiss select

The event promoters, trainers and fightersDoves away as white doves are released as a mark of peace through sportBritish consulate makes a speech in the ringSwiss team along with the away coaches

The swiss full contact team ready for action The all Ireland team ready to rock
Teams get ready to rumble to punch on the rock.

Aaron Mooney kicks outAaron Mooney gets a drawAbie Macartney faces a boy and gets a drawJoel Amos kicks outTony Amos lands a kickJoel Amos lands a good punch
Joel gets the nod from the judgesDavid Bird - Bad BoyDavid Bird gets disqualified - try and stay within the rules DavidChelsea Leigh Swift narrowly misses outDylan Lennox lands a good high kick
Dylan gets a drawGolden Dragon's Jemma O'neil kicks outJemma on the wrong side of the judges favourKane Mohammed Mahood gets the decisionKane lands a kick
The Kincaid Family Louis Kincaid kicks Oops a slip Louis wins Matthew McAlees pipped at the post
Swifts Mummy and daughter Tory ready for action William and daughter Tory Tory in action

Check back for more pictures from Villars
Full-Contact and Thai bouts

Special thanks to Carl Emery, Claude Oehrli and Serge Beslin for their hospitality and a well run event - we all look forward to returning next year for 'Punch on the Rocks II'.

If you have any special pictures of the event and would like to send them in please send to and we will try to place as many as we can on our website, don't forget to send captions as well.

If any supporters would like to leave a thank you to the tourist office or the promoters - you can do so by logging onto Villars web site

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