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Kickboxing a big hit at the Hilton

The scene was set for what was to be one of the most unique fight shows ever to hit Belfast.
The Hilton Hotel was to host a Boxing show with an added KICK but it was the boxing that got the boot. Fight fans were not disappointed as extra kickboxing bouts were lined up at short notice to keep fight fans happy at the sold out event. There were nine fights with five of them title bouts, rounding off with a world title.

Belfast has long been a magnet for boxing talent, attracting some of the biggest names in the world.
But rarely before has that beam stretched all the way to one of the most remote nations of the world. That’s exactly what happened at the Hilton Hotel last Saturday (October 28) when a young boxer/Kickboxer headed into town from the Asian country of Mongolia. What’s more, this tiger from the east was a woman.

Finally James does it - The new Celtic Nations Super heavyweight champion now gunning for British honours
WKN Celtic Nations SuperHeavyweight Title
James Gillen Winner TKO 3rd (Portadown) Vs Gary McCleary (Scotland)
Portadown’s James Gillen won by a third round TKO against Scotland’s Gary McCleary

WKN British Super-Welterweight Title
Ian Young ( Belfast NI)VS Christopher Deakin (England)
Ian Young Winner Points ( Belfast NI)Vs Christopher Deakin (England)
It was Young’s kicking power that won him the title in a see-saw battle which at times was more of a chess match with both relying on good counter punches and kicks but in the closing rounds Ian asserted his authority to sway the three judges from France, Switzerland and Scotland.

WKN British Super-Heavyweight Title
Martin Connolly ( Carrickfergus NI)VSRobert Paul Gledhill (England)
Martin Connolly ( Carrickfergus NI) Vs Robert Paul Gledhill Winner Points (England)
Big Martin Connolly lost in his bid to become British Super-Heavyweight the dock worker Connolly looked tired and fatigued throughout the bout. Martin was trying to shake a chest infection off all week but it was clear he didn’t.

WKN Bantamweight prestige bout
Barbara Delaney Winner Points (Dublin) Vs Angela Ogle (England)
Barbara Delaney (Dublin) VS
Dublin’s Barbara Delaney enjoyed a points win over England’s Angela Ogle.

WKN British Bantamweight Title
Cathy McAleer (NI) Vs Adele Steinbach Winner Points (Scotland )
The Belfast karate queen was piped at the post, with Steinbach making it third time lucky for the plucky Scot.

WKN Light-welterweight prestige bout
Stuart Jess ( NI) VS Alexander White Winner Doctor stopped the bout 3rd (Scotland)
Saintfield’s Stuart Jess was unlucky in his bout against the more experienced Alexander White as the Doctor stopped the bout in the third round due to an injury to Stuarts’ arm.

WKN Light-middleweight prestige bout
Andrew Grimason Winner Points (Belfast NI) Vs Hugh White (Scotland)
Final bout of the night was a cracker with the Grim reaper showing why he is world champion giving an exhibition of top class kickboxing at light middleweight.-He didn’t disappoint fans, by flooring Hugh White in the second and fourth round before winning a points decision. Credit to White this was his first fight back in 4 years.

Super welterweight 3x2
Eddie Salmon Winner Points (N/Ards) Vs Lee Cooper (Scotland)
Eddie Salmon, Belfast’s answer to a one man band – promoter, trainer, singer, songwriter, MC and yes you guessed it fighter, all rolled into one.
Eddie came out of the blocks like a man possessed hoping for a stoppage but the tough Scot Lee Cooper had something to say about that as he weathered the storm to show what he was
made of. It was a gutsy display by both kickers

WKN Word Amateur Atomweight
S.Amgalanjargal – (Mongolia) VSLydia Braniff ( Belfast)
S.Amgalanjargal – (Mongolia) Vs Lydia Braniff Winner RSF 5th rounnd (Belfast)
Match is made at 46kg - 7st.4lbs
Irish fight fans witnessed an amazing display by the Pocket Dragon stopping Amgalajargal in the final stages of the fifth round. The gutsy Mongolian was on the canvas six times and took a couple of standing counts over the five rounds until the referee Mr Robert Masterson saw enough and stopped the bout - declaring Lydia Braniff world champion.

Gary Hamilton in action with Belfast's Ciaran Healy in an open sparring session.
Meanwhile, former world kickboxing champion Gary Hamilton also made a come back to the boxing ring in what was to be his first pro boxing fight in three years. He faced Irish title contender Ciaran Healy in an open sparring session that delighted a packed Hilton hotel.
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