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Some of Northern Ireland’s young kickboxing stars outside the park Ave Hotel Northern Ireland’s young kickboxing stars (pictured) who have already packed for a winter break in the Alps!
The lucky stars aged six-to-twelve have been selected for a trip to Switzerland where they will display their skills at the foot of the snow-covered Alps early next month.

Switzerland is a wonderful place and the kids selected to visit are getting a fantastic opportunity.

Some of the families didn’t get going on summer holidays this year, so this is great chance for them to have a break as well as being involved in an International event. The only downside is we have been on major campaign to raise the money for our selected team. Parents have also been invited and Prokick have set-up a travel club to aid arrangements. Our Tenth ProKick Says monthly competition is postponed until this Sunday. It just gave us a little bit more time to get the whole gym involved.

So if you are looking something to do next Sunday at 2.30pm then come along to a free event at the Park Avenue hotel and have a look at our next generation of champions.

By the way, donations are welcome when you come through the door.

For more information on the trip and where the Prokick team will be - log onto


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