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“Back to Aberdeen”

A team of  Seven ProKick fighters  will compete on the 23 of September Andrew Grimason to defend World amateur title

BELFAST'S Andrew 'The Grim Reaper' Grimason will go back to the lions den later this month on 23 September to defend his WKN light middleweight world amateur title which he won in Aberdeen last April.
Grimason, nicknamed 'The Grim Reaper' because of his explosive knockout fighting style, intends to live up to his moniker with another deadly display.
"I’m delighted, I’m over the moon, and I'm excited," said Grimason when he was told the WKN has given Stevie Kitchener a second chance with him. "I feel good about going into the fight and confident that I'll stop him this this. Kitchener's camp must be crazy if they think I'm going back to Aberdeen to lose my title. I have a point to prove and that is that I'm head and shoulders above Kitchener. I never felt troubled during our first encounter at all. I've been told Kitchener has a new T-Shirt, it says 'If you can't stand the heat - stay away from the Kitchener' well this Belfast boy will switch off his oven and I'll still be champion of the world.
"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my coach Mr Murray, I started training at Prokick when I was 8 years old and it goes to show that if you stick at something and put your heart and soul into it, it pays off. It is the greatest feeling in the world being called world champion and I'm going to keep it that way for a long time to come"
Grimason’s coach Billy Murray is full of praise for his young star. "He is really fired up about this fight," he said. "I knew Andrew would win last time, I can't see Stevie Kitchener doing anything different this time than he did last time out. Kitchener has much more experience than Andrew and is a dangerous fighter to the end, always throwing very strong punches, but Andrews is too clever."
Kitchener's camp hit back by saying: " Grimason will never knock-out Kitchener because the so-called champion does nothing but run for 5 rounds he is afraid to stand toe-to-toe with the heat the Kitchener has and this time when he returns home to Belfast from Aberdeen it will be empty handed except for a new name - 'The Grim weeper'.

Yet another exciting event to look forward to - staged by Albert Ross and Gary Langford, Scotland's top kickboxing duo.

Fightcard in Brief:

WKN Light middleweight World Amateur Title -72kg
Andrew Grimason (Belfast NI) Vs Steve Kitchener (Fraserburgh Scotland)

WKN Amateur EUROPEAN Championship Full Contact + 96,600 kg
Steve Bonner ( Scotland ) Vs BERTRAND ( France )

WKN Super welterweight 70kg
Ian Young (Belfast NI) Vs Jackie Byrnie (Aberdeen Scotland)

Light welterweight 65kg
Stuart Jess (Saintfield NI ) Vs Alexander White (Motherwell Scotland)

WKN heavyweight Low kick 95kg
Gary Jess Vs TBA

WKN Bantamweight bout
Adele Steinback (Motherwell) VsTBA (Dundee)

WKN Middleweight bout 75kg
Darren Dougan (The Loup) Vs.Steve Petrie (Dundee)

WKN Curserweight bout 90kg
Craig Challis ( Larne) Vs Paul Doyle (Aberdeen)

WKN Super-Curserweight bout 92kg
Niell Mullen Vs brian sutherland or Gragh Walker

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