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Some of the kids who took part in the ProKick fun dayTHIS was the NINTH 'Prokick Says' fun day for kickboxing mad kids from all over the Country. And again what a marvellous success as the monthly events are going from strength to strength with the technical levels of the children even higher than previous events.

Special guests of honour for our Sept event were - Prokick's WKN Champion's - WKN Professional World Champion Gary Hamilton, British Champion Stuart Jess along with brother Gary Jess an upcoming star. And if all the guests thought they were there just to look good they had another thing coming, they were there on an official capacity and that was was to judge the next generation of wannabe champions.
“This is brilliant for the kids as everyone is a winner and everyone goes home with a medal. It’s important to us at Prokick Gym that children learn about self-discipline, self-defence and grow up in a respected and disciplined environment. The gym’s motto is Truth, Discipline and Respect.” Said British Champion Stuart Jess.
A Packed Wilgar Street gym saw underage students take part in the initiative that allows children to put their kickboxing skills on display in a friendly and competitive arena.
The young stars, who cannot compete in the ring until they reach the age of 15, combine the disciplines taught at the Prokick Gym in east-Belfast in an occasion packed with fun.
“The children learning the art of kickboxing love the Prokick Says fun day. They look forward to it because it gives them an opportunity to put into practice what they learn in class. We wanted to give the young members an opportunity to practice, mixing competition with fun. The idea stems from a game Mr Murray invented which we all have played for many, many years at the gym, Prokick Says, our version of Simple Simon Says." Said World Champion Gary Hamilton.

"Its good for the kids to see our champions close up, it will give them all something to work for when they meet all our new and established kickboxing hero’s.” Said the ProKick boss, Fran.

This was a smaller version of the full competition as for next months competition we head to the Park Avenue hotel for a separate kids event as part of our fundraising campaign to take the Prokick Kids to Villars in Switzerland.

Multiple Kicks:
Whoever can kick the longest without setting their foot back on the ground wins.
Winners are - Louise Davison & Michael Stone

Shadow boxing:
is when you combine all the kickboxing moves that students have learnt are put together against an invisible opponent or (as they did many years ago) your own shadow.
A competition was held to see who was the best shadow boxer on the day.
Winners are - Abie Macartney & Fraser Audley

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