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It was a double KO for the Prokick fighters

Leicester's Barrinder Singh and Prokick's Stuart JEss with the Commonwealth title beltTWO top Prokick fighters were sensationally KO’d without a single punch or kick being thrown at the weekend.
Saintfield’s Commonwealth title contender Stuart Jess was to top the bill in Leicester along with team mate and world champion Gary Hamilton.
Just minutes before Hamilton was to make his ring entrance ahead of Jess, the WKN official called an abrupt halt to the two headlining bouts at the packed venue.
Concern arose after consultation between the Leicester Promoters and the Ulster fighter's coach, Murray, when there was a dispute over medical supervision at ringside. In all fairness to the Promoters of the event their medical team double booked the date and were let down after frantic attempts to resolve the situation, the fights were called off. There was a full experienced paramedic team at ringside which is suitable for some kickboxing groups but not the WKN.
"Our group the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) have a very strict medical code of practice for all sanctioned events, ranging from pre fight medicals with fully qualified doctors, paramedics and anaesthetists at ringside. The WKN representative Robert Masterson who was aware of the situation and was trying to resolve it before my fighters were called to the ring. Unfortunately the WKN rep in accordance with the rules and regulations had no other option but to stop the Ulster fighters from taking part in the event." Murray went on to say:
"I feel very disappointed for everyone concerned, the fighters, promoters and the fight fans but this is a tough game and I’ll never permit any of my fighters to compete if the medical expertise is not in accordance with the WKN's rules and regulations. My first priority is the health and safety of my fighters."
The Saintfield mauler Jess will still get a shot at the Commonwealth title as negotiations are now in full swing for another venue. The likely venue which has been discussed with Leicester Promoters and Murray could be the Hilton hotel in Belfast October 28.
A disappointed Stuart told us today “I am very annoyed about the whole situation I’ve never trained as hard for any of my fights and on top of that some of my family made the trip to England to support me and I feel as if I have let them down. I also feel for my opponent Barrinder who has also trained hard for the big occasion, sometimes when things happen like this it's a blessing in disguise and that could mean for me or Barrinder. I'd love to highlight the October show as it's going to be one of the biggest profile shows we've had here in a long time.”
The WKN representative will submit a full report and consult the WKN World head quarters in France in the coming days.