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Results from Norway

Group picture from the weigh-in It was mixed emotions in Bergen, Norway as Billy Murray’s ProKick team battled without him at the weekend – Murray was to jet out with team in-tow last Friday to the fishing city of Bergen for an International Kickboxing extravaganza between the two nations – Injured: but for the first time in 25 years the team departed without their trainer and mentor. Murray was unable to make the trip due to a car accident eight weeks earlier. And without Murray, to organise the team, things spiralled out of control – it was like a scene from a movie said Murray. “First of all the team were flying from Dublin and for some reason after checking in well ahead of schedule all our team bags were off-loaded from the RyanAir flight to Oslo – and the squad were literally left standing - to hold the bag.
I don’t know who is at fault but what I’m informed is that all our guys were on time and at the gate in ample time, I have to wait until all the guys are home so I can investigate fully to see if there is any recourse as we had to purchase new tickets to travel on another airline. What I’ve been told by my team leader Robert Masterson; was that apparently Ryanair were unsympathetic and extremely unhelpful!
Travelled weary fighters:
17 hours later from when the team originally set-off; They endured a bus journey to Dublin a flight a train journey another bus and then another flight and finally a drive to the hotel in Bergen where they arrived in the wee small hours.

Part of the Celtic invasion in Norway were our Celtic brothers and sisters from Scotland.
Aberdeen’s Nicola Craigie won her bout on points when she faced Bergen’s Britt-Jane Mardal, whilst team mate Adele Steinbach was unlucky in her rematch with Bergen’s Grette Helle - Helle lost on a close points decision last month to Steinback at the Park Ave in Belfast. Looks like another rematch may be on the cards as both girls now have a win apiece.

Overall, four wins to the Celts with three to the Vikings, it looks like this battle could run and run for years. Check back here regularly for more information on Kickboxing at

More Pictures to be posted soon
Andrew Grimason Winner (left punching) on points Lydia Braniff WinnerMark Bird lost on a Disputed decision Oliver Murphy (Right) lost on pointsWinner Brian Hannaway

Results in Bergen are:
Lydia Braniff Winner (NI) Vs Shirel Ann Angustia (Philippines) 3x2

Mark Bird (NI) Vs Christopher Bodken Winner (BER) 3x2

Nicola Craigie Winner (SCOT) VS Britt-Jane Mardal (BER) 3x2

Brian Hannaway Winner by no show (NI Vs Ross Phillips (ENG) 3x2

Oliver Murphy (NI) VS Roy Brievik Winner (BER) 3x2

Adele Steinback (Scot) Vs Gete Helle Winner (BER) Vs 4x2

Andrew Grimason Winner (NI) Vs Rodriquez (BER) 4x2

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