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Next Generation Falls Leisure Centre event

It’s not often that news of a fight involving the Falls and Shankill Roads is good news, but this time that’s exactly what it was.
The event saw some rising stars from across Belfast test themselves against some of the brightest names nationally and internationally.

WKN British Super Heavyweight Championship
James GillenJames Gillen (NI) Vs Robert Gledhill - WKN Champion (ENG)Robert Gledhill
Winner 1st Rnd KO

Light Middleweight
Ian Young Winner by Walkover (NI ProKick)Vs Shaun James ( ENG) 4x2

Super Heavyweight
Martin Connolly (NI) Vs Dylan Scally Winner TKO 3rd Rnd (Dublin) 3x2

International bouts

Akville from Lithuania VsMeryam Uslu - German amateur champion
Akville Winner on points (Lithuania - fighting – out of Dublin) Vs Meryam Uslu (Germany)

VsSuyin Gelis
Lydia Braniff Winner on points (ProKick NI) Vs Suyin Gelis (Germany)

Below are some of the ProKick Fighters on the card

Eamon Farrell doctor dissalowed the fight, Eamon is guttedBill Graham won his 2nd contest on points. And what a fight it was. non stop actionDarren Wilkinson was in a toe to toe match and scraped home a draw.Stevie Kidd won his first fightBarrie Oliver won his first fight after mum is rushed to hospital on way to event to give birthIan Young  now on the card  as he faces Shaun James  of  England  over 4x2 rounds

Novice International and National Bouts

Super Welterweight
Bill Graham Winner on points (Prokick NI) Vs Nils Hackstein (Germany)

Light Middleweight Draw
Darren Wilkinson (Prokick NI) Vs Oleg Kelh (Germany)

Welterweight Doctor disallowed contest
Eamon Farrell (ProKick NI) Vs Matty Turner Walkover win (ENG)

Light Middleweight

Stevie Kidd Winner on points (Prokick NI) Vs Chris Thompson (Kicktec Scotland)

Light Middleweight
Barrie Oliver Winner on points (Prokick NI ) Vs Graham Ross (Kicktec Scotland)

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