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Fight fans - were back at the
Park Ave Hotel January 27

Click here for a Park Ave picture special

Ian Young wins by KO in the 3rd roundFormer football star Ian Young let his feet do the talking - when he won by KO to restart his Thai kickboxing carrier as he entered only his second Thai-fight last Saturday at the Park Ave Hotel.
Young, holds Celtic kickboxing titles at two different weights and is the current British champion at super-welterweight, The ex-Linfield star, a winner of two Premier League titles with the Blues, was on his way to winning a European Thai-boxing title in Italy last month when he was caught cold by opponent Danilo Fanfano and forced to spend the night in hospital. Two months of intensive training has now paid off for the popular Saintfield man. In the first round the plucky Akim Khattou, showed no respect for the Belfast insurance broker and made it clear he was not in town just to make up the numbers. Khattou clearly hurt Young with some very hard kicks to the legs but then was slowed when Young Gunned back by landing very well placed kicks to the legs of Khattou.
In the second round Young clearly rocked the visitor; the packed to the rafters Park Ave went wild with excitement. In the third round Ian landed a bone shattering kick that sent the tough Belgian to the canvas and forcing the referee to count the Benelux champion Akim Khattou to the mandatory eight.
Sensing victory the ProKick warrior landed a further barrage of Thai style kicks to the leg sending Akim Khattou to the canvas for the last time as the referee counted the brave Belgian out!

Ian unleashes a barrage of kicks to Akim Khattou legs Some of Ulster’s top sporting stars turned out to see Young in action as team members from Glentoran and Linfield cheered together. Ulster top Rugby star Matt McCullough said, “I had to come and support Ian; this is the first time I have came to watch any kickboxing and it was a great nights entertainment. Ian was absolutely fantastic, what he done in here tonight was magnificent. I’m so proud of him.”
Young had a good rest after his last fight in Italy where he suffered a brief set back and is back on winning terms again.
“I think over the past few weeks I have worked harder than I ever have since quitting football for kickboxing. To beat Khattou the way I did was great; it’s re-established me in this style of kickboxing which I feel very comfortable with and now I’m like another shot at Fanfano, hopefully this time in Belfast.”

Towel gets thrown in as Ian KO's Akim Khattou with a low leg kick
Young’s coach, former world champion Billy Murray said: “I said it before Ian is a natural winner he handled his defeat in Italy in a very professional and mature manner. A fighter either responds by running back up the hill or sliding further down it. Ian has now put himself right up there again. His work ethic in the gym would shame even the most professional of athletes. I am confident he can succeed in no matter what he wants to do.”

Our title contender young Mark Bird, was Ko’d in the first round with a tremendous high kick by Dublin’s Warren Betts. He topped his first bill on Saturday at the Next Generation bill at the Park Ave Hotel Belfast.
Mark Bird, just 16 years old, has been dubbed the “Theo Walcott of the local fight game” But now he’s benched on medical grounds for 28 days precautionary measures’
He lost his bid for Junior Irish title status.

Saintfeld’s Gary Jess helped stop a Viking invasion at the Park Ave hotel when he out pointed Jan Olav Pettersen; a more experienced boxer from Bergen Norway. It was a see-saw battle for the scheduled three rounds with Jess getting the nod from all the ringside judges.
Gary has been invited back to Norway for a return leg of the Celts Vs Viking on March 3rd – Brother Stuart won his fight without even breaking sweat – his opponent failed to show a walkover win for the current British champion.


A Park Ave action picture special

Demo round robin bout -
Brian Hannaway Vs Riain McAtamney

Full-contact Super welterweight 3x2
Bill Graham (Draw) (ProKick NI) Vs Graham Ross (Scotland)
Bout sponsored by - The Mortgage group - Managing Director Mr Simon Kerr

Belfast Kids in combat
Prokick Famous Five vs. Steelheels Five
This was a light contact team event.

International section - The Celts Vs the Viking
Adele Steinbeck (Winner points) (Scotland) Vs Britt-Janne Mardel (Norway)
Gary Jess (Winner points) (ProKick NI) Vs Jan Olav Pettersen (Norway)

All Celt Affair
Gary Fullerton (ProKick NI) vs. Lee Cooper (Scotland) Draw
Bout sponsored by - Days Hotel General Manager Mr Madden
Catchweight 2x2
Mary Hunter (Draw) (Prokick) Vs Nicola Craigie (Scotland)

Stuart Jess ( Prokick) – walk over win
John Miskelly (Steelheel) - Walk over win

Apologies to the two fighters below - they were not called into the ring to announce they had won by walk-over. It was an oversight by the organisers.
Oliver Murphy (ProKick NI) Walk over win
Martin Connolly (ProKick NI) Walk over win Vs Gary McLeary (Scotland) .
Gary McLeary pulled out with an injury. McLeary may never fight again. Prokick wishes him a speedy recovery.

Catchweight Demo 2x2
Andrew Grimason (Prokick) Vs Darren Thompson (Scotland)

WKN Junior Irish title Bantamweight
Mark Bird (ProKick) Vs Warren Betts (Fight Club Dublin) (Winner 1st Round KO )
Sponsored by Fight Club Dublin -
Co sponsored by - Days Hotel General Manager Mr Madden

Battle of the Egos – Demo bout
Gary Hamilton (ProKick NI) Vs Alexander White (Motherwell, Scotland)

N. Ireland Vs Belgium
Thai Style – Low Kick - Super welterweight 4x2

Ian Young (Winner 3rd Round KO) (ProKick NI) Vs Akim Khattou.(Belgium)
Company haircutters - Gail Hagan & Days Hotel General Manager Mr Madden

A big thanks to all who traveled to make the event a great success and to all our helpers, officials and sponsors - A big thanks to Days Hotel General Manager Mr Madden for all his help - and to the men in the middle Robert Masterson and Eddie Salmon.

Info about the Park Ave event

'It was a gladiatorial clash
of the newest fighters around and all the greats'.


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