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Over 70 kids took part in the FUN day at ProKickNorthern Ireland’s promising young kickboxing stars came out in force to take part in a monthly fun day that tests their skills and development in the martial art. The monthly competition had its inception 17 months ago and now the event has become an important part of the Prokick calendar.
The ProKick gym’s young students, aged from six to 12, take part in the fun day which is called ‘Prokick Says’, and is based on the old playground game Simple Simon Says. Veteran coach and former world champion Billy Murray tests his students through a variety of games that incorporate the use of kickboxing manoeuvres and skills.
“We started the Prokick Says day with the aim of doing something different to the younger members of the gym, to eliminate any stress that may come with our grading system.
So the kids are being graded without feeling any pressure. They don’t see it as a test they see it as an occasion to have a laugh and step outside their disciplined class for a day and have FUN.”
Jordan kicksOwen punchingTory kickingFather & Son - Eddie and Matthew SalmonDylan Kicks
On top of having a good time and passing grades, the teeny-tiny kickboxers get special one-to-one coaching from some of Prokick’s world champions, including Gary Hamilton, Lydia Braniff and Andrew Grimason and European champions Ian Young, Stuart Jess and Mark Henessey.

Andrew Grimason , the British, European and World Light middleweight champion said: “I look forward to the Prokick Says fun day because it’s a release from training for me too and I understand that it helps the kids, I was a ProKick Kid once, as I was 7 years of age when I started at the gym. The response from the students make it worthwhile getting out of bed for on a Saturday morning to see their happy smiling faces!”

Winners were:
All the winners from Saturday June 23Multiple kicks -Tory Corbett,
Prokick Says - George Gibson
Follow - Matthew Salmon
Intructor Eddie Salmon was voted Prokick instructor of the month.

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