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Worlds Greatest Kickboxer
Mohamed Samir


What a difference a sport makes!WKN - World KickBoxing Network

Samir MohamedBoxing legend Joe Calzage is now negotiating for one of the most wealthiest super middleweight title clashes between himself and Bernard Hopkins.
Their pay day is muted in the region of tens of millions for each boxer and a slice of the Pay-Per-View and none of them have a fight record like the one and only Mohamed Samir.

Samir a French Moroccan has close to 120 unbeaten fights as a professional kickboxer.
If he was a boxer he would undoubtedly be a sporting icon and a household name.
He is feted by many as the best pound for pound Kickboxer on the planet, and as one of hottest kickboxers alive, named as the ‘Petit Prince’ Mohamed Samir is undoubtedly the most respected fighter in the World right now as he holds the WKN World Titles in all three of the disciplines, Full-Contact (kicks above the waist), Freestyle (Low kick style) and Thai-boxing (Elbow and Knee strikes allowed).

t just 27 years of age Samir boasts an unbelievable fight record of 117fights, 117wins, 74 KO’s and more than 20 world title contests to his credit.

Mohamed Samir when he was 15Fight fans in Northern Ireland have witnessed the kickboxing Enigma that is Samir five times.
First up when he was a 15 year old and fought for the European title in Bangor Castle leisure centre where the Frenchman won by knock out in the 2nd round against then British Muay Thai champion Dave Newbrook at Billy Murray’s Kickboxing Mania II in 1998. Link to follow
Five years later Samir topped the bill in Belfast against Chinti Filippo of Italy. The Italian was the next to take an early exit against Samir at Kickboxing Mania VI in the Ulster Hall on a LIVE TV event beamed all over Europe.
Samir defended his WKN Lightweight Thai-Boxing World title with a 1st round KO.
Click here for Fight Clip

In 2004 Samir returned to Belfast for KICKmas II where World Champion Gary Hamilton shared top billing with the light-welterweight great.

Samir stops his opponent his opponent Damien Velvelidis of Belgian in the 5th. Hamilton fought Ukrainian Ewgenij Mytyay, whilst Samir was pitted against Thai specialist Damien Velvelidis on KICKmas II, also broadcast on Eurosport and Setanta sports and various other networks across the world.
Both fighters were on a collision course and build up for one of the hottest superfights since Murray V Hill in Belfast in 1988.
The then 25 year olds both won their fights, Hamilton on points and Samir by the short route stopping his opponent Damien Velvelidis of Belgian in the 5th.
“He’s the best in his division everyone was so happy to see him again here, last time Samir's fight was too short - but this time the Belfast fight fans got value for money with a punch perfect performance.” said the Belfast world champion, Hamilton. Click for Fight Clip

Samir in a low leg title bouthigh kicking action from SamirSamir Wins

In 2005 Samir’s next visit to Belfast was a night of high drama and edge-of-the-seat action as the Kickboxing world descended on the 10’000 seat Odyssey Arena for Kickboxing Mania VII where the Petit Prince faced Sergio Martinez.

Samir kicks HighFight fans were left wanting more from the French-Moroccan world champion Mohamed Samir. His worthy Portuguese opponent Martinez was unable to get into the contest and barely landed a kick or punch in anger before being caught with incredible skill and speed by a Samir blocks a kickflying knee to the head.

Samir now seemed unstoppable with his incredible record sitting at 107 fights, 107 wins. Across Europe, fight fans where now stating that the only fight for Samir was Gary Hamilton. Thus began a year’s long negotiation for the biggest and richest kickboxing fight set for anywhere in Ireland, north or south. Click for Fight Clip

December 19, was to see the brilliant French show-stopper Mohamed Samir face ‘The Belfast Boy’ Gary Hamilton in a top of the bill clash. They contested the WKN Light Welterweight title – two division’s above Hamilton’s normal fighting weight.

Samir and Gary at the weigh in with Stephane Cabrera (centre)It was the talk of the town in world Kickboxing circles, Hamilton V Samir was on the tip of everyone’s tongue and everyone had their own opinion on the fight.
Again it was a LIVE TV event with many networks picking it up including ESPN in America in a post produced programme.
A sell out Ulster hall, with local celebrities from all over Ireland gathering to ringside  along with special guest, boxing great Marvelous Marvin Hagler, witnessed a special moment in the fight game.

The two kickboxing kings collided for four of the best kickboxing rounds witnessed live to millions across the world.
Gary kicksSamir punchesWinning team with Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Hamilton was leading after three all-action rounds, during which Samir was clearly unprepared for the challenger’s approach.
Mohamed Samir proved too strong, catching Hamilton with three telling kicks to the rib in a dramatic fourth round which ended the contest at the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Click here for Fight Clip

Two years this month since that epic battle where two world Samir Vs Samirchampions met in the ring, Samir goes back to the well in an even richer fight in kickboxing terms, but at a fraction of what his boxing cousins receive.
17 November in Marseille, France see’s Mohamed Samir take on Welterweight world champion Samir Berbachi in the biggest fight in Europe.

A fighter is only as good as his background staff and Samir has always had a good team behind him - WKN Group at the KICKmas dinnerhis Manager is Mr Stephane Cabrera the WKN world president and his coach is Dominic Roman a trainer who has been with him from the start. >>>>

There is an old saying in the business; 'If it isn't broke then don't fix it'. And there is nothing broken with Team Cabrera.

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