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North West’s Biggest kickboxing Event Hit Derry City September 29

Promoter Billy Murray helps kickstart the event in the Maiden CityThis event took place in the Millennium Forum in Londonderry.
The event was supported by the WKN (The World Kickboxing Network) and sponsored by Schwarzkopf International a grade A hair product company.
The event will be broadcast on various TV stations and networks around the World (stay tuned).
This was the biggest Kickboxing/Martial Arts event to come to the city of Derry or anywhere in the North West of Ireland.

The Prokick poster team outside the Millennium ForumThe Brawl on the Wall lived up to all expectations as the biggest and best kickboxing event ever to hit the North West. The televised event was a star studded show with some of the finest talent from across the country competing against a full international fight card.

Click here for the run-up to the Brawl on the wall which includes press release,
fightcard video clips and much more.


WKN Amateur Vacant Middleweight European Title 76kg.Full contact 4x2
Darren Dougan (NI) Vs David Wachs (Germany)

WKN European Amateur Title Kickboxing Rules Super Welterweight 69kg - 4x2
Ian Young (NI) Vs. Uwe Menzzer (Germany)

WKN. Irish Super Heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing Title 4x2
James Gillen ( Portadown)Vs  Dylan Scally (Dublin)

Light-middleweight 73kg - 3x2 Kickboxing Rules - Low Kick
Barrie Oliver (Winner points)(NI)Vs Steve Schnorrbusch (Germany)

Super Welterweight 69kg 3x2 Full Contact
Steve Kidd (NI) vs. Nels Hackstein (Germany)

Super Heavyweight  3x2 Kickboxing Rules
Martin Connelly (Winner points)Vs Christian Maciej (Germany)

Lightweight - 3x2 Full-Contact Rules
Robert NcNeill (NI) Vs Diego Diserens (Switzerland)

Welterweight - 3x2 Kickboxing Rules
Gary Fullerton (Winner points) (Belfast) vs. John Deegan (Dublin)

more results to come

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