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Kickboxers will have a hair-raising time - thanks to Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf general manager with the PinkettesKickboxers taking part in the upcoming show 'Brawl ON THE WALL' ’ promotion in Derry city are going to find they have extra body and bounce in the ring writes William Bruce – but it’s going to come from an unlikely source. Hair product company Schwarzkopf are sponsoring the show, at the Millennium Forum on September 29 and they’re hoping the events in the ring will lead to a hair-raising time for all the north west fighters and fight-fans who attend the event. Northern Ireland territory manager Brendan Thompson, a keen Kickboxer himself, said he was keen that Schwarzkopf sponsored the event after the hugely positive events at the Falls Leisure centre and the Park Ave hotel shows several weeks ago. Thompson also said he was very impressed by the ethos of Prokick, the gym behind the promotion – especially their focus on bringing communities and people together.“I am very amazed with what Prokick has done over the years,” he said. “I have been to many of their events and have seen the huge number of people from different cultures and countries that they bring together. Schwarzkopf has a similar universal appeal and a seal of absolute quality. “For me it’s not just about kickboxing it’s about the common goal that we should share – peace and harmony, which I know that sounds bizarre when there are two people hammering ten bells out of each other; but the thing that comes across to me is the respect that the two competitors have for each other.”The undercard for the 'Brawl on the Wall’ will see only fighters from Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy against 5 of Prokick’s top fighters.Tickets are selling fast and are available online at or through the Millennium Forum box office priced £6 to £25 for ringside. For more information on kickboxing call 028 9065 1074.

Brendan Thompson Schwarzkopf manager, Company haircutters hairstylist/RingGirl Stephanie Davidson and Billy Murray Northern Ireland territory manager Brendan Thompson (LEFT) general manager of Schwarzkopf at Company Haircutters with Stephanie Heany and Billy Murray.

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