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Prokick Kickboxing in Movilla high school Newtownard's

Movilla high school students with their winning prizesPupils at Moville High school in Newtownards will be fighting fit with the help of the Prokick kickboxing group.

Kickboxing classes are held every Friday afternoon - at the request of Movilla’s PE teacher Miss Austin, who read about the Prokick’s fun day at the famous Gym in Belfast.

“Miss Austin was looking for something different by way of physical education for her pupils.” Said Murray

He added: “It’s not about teaching children to fight or self-defence, it’s about getting them physically active and enjoying it at the same time. The skill movements in kickboxing can quickly develop ones strength and fitness. Other elements like self-defence are part of the long-term development of a student.”

The young students were tested on their skill and development through games that incorporate trade moves of the kickboxing art.

Murray hopes to bring more classes into schools across Northern Ireland.

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