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Jan- Dec 2005

Date: Article Title:
31-12-2005 Up-date on the Mania page
26-12-2005 KICKmas BOX From start to finish
26-12-2005 News on Belfast's latest world beater
19-12-2005 Kickmas 'The Results'
19-12-2005 Hagler honored at the by the Belfast city Council
18-12-2005 KICKmas Dinner
18-12-2005 The Greatest arrives
08-12-2005 KICKmas FightCard
03-12-2005 ProKick pay respect to George Best
01-12-2005 ProKick Club news
30-11-2005 Marvelous Marvin Hagler will spend Christmas in Belfast
27-11-2005 Report and Pic's from Cyprus
19-11-2005 Billy Murray in a bid to bring the K1 to Belfast
News for ProKick members for NOV
30-10-2005 Up-dates for programmes this weekend on Setanta Sports
22-10-2005 Fighter page Up-dated
21-10-2005 Hilton put the H on the end of punch
11-10-2005 News for ProKick members for OCT
10-10-2005 The Countdown for Kickboxing Mania madness has begun
9-10-2005 A new group of instructors have earned their spurs
1-10-2005 Kickboxing on the Lawn of the Belfast City Hall
30-09-2005 Celebrate Belfast 2005 - LIVE Kickboxing at the Belfast City Hall
24-09-2005 Scotland Aberdeen event
17-09-2005 Gary Hamilton versus Mohammad Samir – Ulster Hall on December 19.
3-09-2005 Some News for ProKick members
2-09-2005 Who's the Daddy now!
1-09-2005 One of the biggest events this year and its going to happen today.
30-08-2005 Lord Mayor visits Prokick
28-08-2005 Results from the event in Carrickfergus
23-08-2005 KICKBOXING in Northern Ireland took a huge leap forward today
23-08-2005 James Gillen has been handed a chance to revive his kickboxing career
22-08-2005 Carrickfergus Fight card released

Billy Murray is inviting champions in the making to challenge him.

20-08-2005 Dessie Macartney brother Eddie returned to Belfast after 25 years
18-08-2005 Some Prokick news of its Members
19-08-2005 PORTADOWN heavyweight James Gillen has been handed a chance to revive his kickboxing career - with a title shot!
19-08-2005 International events from Belfast to be screened in the USA
18-08-2005 LITTLE Matthew McAlees
13-08-2005 K1- Murray is close to clinch a deal to bring the K1 to Belfast city.
7-08-2005 He's the GREYTEST
7-08-2005 KickBoxing Kids & Adults grade to the next level
2-08-2005 Great success...
ladies only sparring class
2-08-2005 Club news for August
2-08-2005 An up-date on the Carrick event
1-08-2005 Tonight its Girl Power - Tuesday 2nd August at 8pm
30-07-2005 Wife Inspires the blind man
29-07-2005 The two-time Irish League football winner plans a ring career
28-07-2005 Carrickfergus Event Poster
24-07-2005 Darren's sparring day at ProKick
23-07-2005 Latest fighter to join the ProKick Group
20-07-2005 New Sparring class a great sussess
17-07-2005 Battle To Grading Excellance July 2005
15-07-2005 Kickboxing Summer Scheme Returns
10-07-2005 Prokick hits Carrickfergus in 28th August.
08-07-2005 Mums The Word On New Sensation
2/3-07-2005 The 2005 '4 Peaks (Ireland) Challenge for the Homelessness'
02-07-2005 Belfast event gets re-runs Eurosport 2
01-07-2005 Up-dates 'ProKick News'
01-07-2005 New beginner classes starting next week
11-06-2005 Results from Boxing Mania VII
05-06-2005 Adults fighting for Grading Excellance
05-04-2005 Is this Kickboxings biggest banner?
04-04-2005 Kickboxing Mania VII hits the Odyssey
03-04-2005 Fighting for Grading Excellance
30-04-2005 Post Tenbras Cup - The 10th year
14-04-2005 Free Kickboxing shoe - Park Ave
08-04-2005 The Loup event

Next Generation Ulster Hall's results

28-03-2005 Grimason & Horan win in Belgium
22-03-2005 Results from the awards
01-03-2005 Darius to host the Kickboxing awards
31-03-2005 Info on the Irish kickBoxing awards
29-01-2005 Hamilton ready for Paris
21-01-2005 New fitness classes at ProKick
21-11-2005 KICKmas advertisement
09-01-2005 Review of 2004