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Have a look at what we done in 2006

Review of 2006

Date: Article Title:
23-12-2006 Class times over December
23-12-2006 Pictures from Santa's visit.
22-12-2006 Winners of the last 'ProKick Says' Competition for Kickboxing Mad seniors
17-12-2006 La Grande Grading - A great success
16-12-2006 The twelfth Prokick Say's competition for kickboxing mad kids - came to a conclusion
14-12-2006 Info for the La Grande Grading - 17 Dec its the last one this year
10-12-2006 Big belters train on Sunday too!
03-12-2006 Picture Special of Mark Hennessy
03-12-2006 Picture Special of Ian Young
02-12-2006 'Hosp-Italityy in Turin.'
01-12-2006 It was a mixed bag of emotions for ProKick fighter in Turin
31-11-2006 It was a quaint little Irish Pub - named Downpatrick.
26-11-2006 Akvile Vitkauskaite from Lithuania - but the good news is she is living in Dublin so fight fan will not have to travel far to see her fight.
25-11-2006 Results for ProKick Says Competition - No.11
24-11-2006 A Double Whammy of good news at Wilgar street gym
23-11-2006 Galway’s sporting Son and world champion kickboxer - 'Ken Horan'.
17-11-2006 Get ready for the ProKick Says Competition No. 11
6-11-2006 Murray and Emery honoured at British Consulate
5-11-2006 Picture special from Villars
4-11-2006 Prokick Kids in Villars

Full contact Results from Villars

3-11-2006 The kids who will travel to Switzerland
2-11-2006 Young Northern Irish sports stars head to Switzerland - here we come'
29-10-2006 Big night in Kilkenny - Results

Update and Results from the Big fight night at the Hilton '

24-10-2006 Picture Special from the kids event
22-10-2006 ProKick Kids strut their stuff
21-10-2006 Special guest hit the ProKick fighters class
20-10-2006 The ProKick Kids get ready for their event
1-10-2006 PROKICK GRADING Kickboxers earn their stripes.
25-09-2006 The scene is set for unique event at the Hilton
24-09-2006 News on the Hilton press conference.
23-09-2006 Results from the Big fight night in Aberdeen
23-09-2006 Aberdeen today - 23rd September
17-09-2006 Senior grades in big belt training
16-09-2006 Results from September Prokick Says Kids competition
10-09-2006 It was a double KO for the Prokick fighters
07-09-2006 Up-date on the the weekend's event for Jess and Hamilton
05-09-2006 ProKick News September
05-09-2006 A Boxing show with a KICK
Stuart Jess will challenge for the WKN Commonwealth title
28-08-2006 Up-date and News on the Belfast Telegraph situation
27-08-2006 Results from Motherwell Scotland - Hamilton wins.
24-08-2006 Northern Irish fighters for Scotland this weekend.
22-08-2006 The Amos twins getting ready for their first big trip away
20-08-2006 Comber's Next Generation results
17-08-2006 The Petition hand over is postponed
Click here for more information
What happened to the contenders?
11-08-2006 PROKICK ON-LINE PETITION 'Help Right a Wrong'
10-08-2006 Days- Inn Back Comber's Next Generation
01-08-2006 Billy’s Boot Camp is back.
26-07-2006 Help Right A Wrong - Here's what we have planned
30-07-2006 News from our last Grading event 
29-07-2006 Results from the July Kids Competition Day
24-07-2006 Glentoran boss Paul Millar gave the club’s full-time duo a good kicking.
22-07-2006 Winner of the photo Caption Competition No.2
21-07-2006 Villars in Switzerland is the next location for an International event
20-07-2006 'Fail to prepare – prepare to fail'
16-07-2006 Tribute to a ring legend - CarL Emery
14-07-2006 Win a FREE DVD - Prokick's second Caption competition
12-07-2006 The Presidents men... oh yeah and not forgetting the women -
WKN delegation meet the President of Ireland at her official residence.
09-07-2006 Thai-d Up For A Month
07-07-2006 Winner of Last weeks photo Caption Competition
01-07-2006 Prokick news for July
30-06-2006 Young Abie Macartney struck back with a vengeance by being crowned overall champion of the ProKick Funday
30-06-2006 Prokick Competition Win a DVD free of charge to your door
30-06-2006 The ProKicK Fun day for Kids was another great success
25-06-2006 Pictures and Report from the night show
25-06-2006 Report and pictures from the day show
24-06-2006 Results from the night show from the Park Ave
24-06-2006 Results from the day from the Park Ave
23-06-2006 Two events in one day -
Park Ave event here we come!
23-06-2006 Fab Five see them LIVE
22-06-2006 'The easiest day yet at boot camp!'
21-06-2006 The oldest Kicker in town
21-06-2006 News to ProKick fighters and some general information
20-06-2006 The Special Olympics Ireland starts tomorrow - Wednesday in Belfast.
19-06-2006 The magnificent seven
16-06-2006 Sport fans across Europe suffering from World Cup fatigue are offered an alternative next Friday the 23 June 6pm GMT or 7pm CET Eurosport 2
16-06-2006 Friday morning at the gym - The A team that is!
15-06-2006 Boot camp continues - and its Not a bridge too far
14-06-2006 “And still they come- more kickboxing fighters that is”
14-06-2006 Wednesday Run past the City Hall
10-06-2006 'Boot camp builds new City Icons'
03-06-2006 William Ferry & Billy Murray helps bring Kickboxing back to Dungannon
Top two fitness Gurus fail to show for 6am training. Bill & Ian!

02-06-2006 Day five of ProKick's Red eye training and the shocker of the week is....!
30-05-2006 Info on last nights east Belfast sports Forum to follow
29-05-2006 'Demands red eyed training to avoid black eyes in the ring'
29-05-2006 Fight card for the Park Ave
28-05-2006 Five new blue belts top the bill at the ProKick grading
24-05-2006 Sport in East Belfast will be given a platform in anawareness evening,
Billy Murray is looking for like-minded - new KickBoxing promoters
19-05-2006 Next ProKick event - Park Ave June 24 - Championship Kick & Thai-Boxing
19-05-2006 Ten year old Abie McCartney is kickboxing crazy
19-05-2006 Kids latest ProKick Fun day
14-05-2006 ProKick News in June - Includes:
14-05-2006 Darren Dougan wins the Celtic Nations Super middleweight title
Darren Dougan would love to hear his supporters
12-05-2006 A little Information on how to get to the Loup for Sunday's event.
12-05-2006 Fightcard for the Loup event
10-05-2006 Just on the wire - Former sport star jailed, more to follow.......
07-05-2006 Young: Defended of the cup
06-05-2006 The team return home from Geneva
04-05-2006 Archaeologist Stefanie McMullen - finds plenty of bones to dig at ProKick
03-05-2006 ProKick's belters honored at the City Hall
02-05-2006 Up-date on the Loup event
01-05-2006 New Martial artisty at Prokick
28-04-2006 Info on the Loup Kickboxing event May 14
26-04-2006 Ian Young, Andrew Grimason, Stuart Jess and Alexander White have now joined the fight card for Geneva this Saturday
22-04-2006 Gary Hamilton back in the ring 6 May Geneva
22-04-2006 Why was Alexander White back in Belfast?
20-04-2006 THE fourth Prokick Says fun day was another resounding success
16-04-2006 Enjoy a picture special from Aberdeen
15-04-2006 Results from Scotland
15-04-2006 New signs of ProKick
11-04-2006 The Prokick team are on the move again - this time they're off to Aberdeen
09-04-2006 Some of the Prokick kids who passed their grading
01-04-2006 ProKick News for April
27-03-2006 Prokick's veteran Desi McCartney heads protest for senior member
24-03-2006 News on the lisburn event
23-03-2006 ProKick kids competition
18-03-2006 Well done the Hamilton's
17-03-2006 KICKBOXING champion Gary Hamilton will hear a different kind of bell ringing today – a wedding bell!
12-03-2006 Bash n Mash Results
08-03-2006 Glens boss putting his boot in for good measure
06-03-2006 Billy Murray was invited to speak at the City hall, Reference the Belfast City council's support for sport programme.
04-03-2006 Billy Murray with movie and martial art legend Chuck Norris
28-02-2006 We put the full force behind the Council’s ‘Kick The Habit’ campaign
20-02-2006 A new ProKick club opens at the Shankill
16-02-2006 Kids competition
14-02-2006 Glenavon hits prokick
08-02-2006 Glenavon, a top Irish league football team to drop into ProKick
05-02-2006 Newly graded Kickboxers and loads of picture action
01-02-2006 ProKick News for Feb. o6
01-02-2006 “I’m a champion – get me in the ring”
21-01-2006 News on the Bash n Mash
17-01-2006 The first in a new series of ‘PROKICK SAYS’ children’s competition
13-01-2006 Ten Belfast-Based Kickboxers will have their debut tonight!
10-01-2006 ProKick's Million Dollar Baby
proKick news what's on the agenda
03-01-2006 News on Belfast's latest world beater
02-01-2006 Review of 2005
01-1-2006 Up-date on the Mania page
KICKmas BOX From start to finish