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Review of 2006

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  Below is ProKick kickboxing news from 2007 - Click here for 2008
24-27-DEC Mr Carl Emery was in Belfast to talk about kickboxing events in 2008
22-12-2007 Santa hits ProKick Kickboxing Kids class
22-12-2007 Shock winner but deserved for the kickboxing Brooklands Cup
17-22 Dec Prokick Says competition week for Kickboxing mad kid's and adults at the Belfast Prokick Gym.
16-12-2007 Sunday's kickboxing Grading Day was an outstanding success.
15-12-2007 Billy Murray opens up Well-Fit in Lurgan
10-12-2007 Awards night is on Hilton Hotel Belfast - and the Bash with the Mash!
09-12-2007 Video Highlights of Martigny Switzerland
08-12-2007 ProKick Kickboxer's return from Switzerland
05-12-2007 TV Personality Joe Lindsay Travels With The ProKick Team to Switzerland
29-11-2007 www.Kick-boxing.TV is also now part of the Prokick group
28-11-2007 The Brawl on the Wall Kickboxing DVD ready this weekend
26-11-2007 www.kickboxing.tm is now part of the Prokick group
26-11-2007 Barrie Oliver, Ian Young and Mark Bird will head to Switzerland
25-11-2007 Prokick to open up in Well-Fit in Lurgan
24-11-2007 9 year old Nicky McMurray is this weeks Brooklands Cup Winner
24-11-2007 Winners of the Prokick Says competition
23-11-2007 ProKick's award night - it will be a night not to be missed
20-11-2007 Princes Trust group back at ProKick Gym
20-11-2007 Gary Hamilton in Hospital and out of the Kings Hall boxing bout.
18-11-2007 BIG FIGHT NEWS Gary Hamilton's next bout.
17-11-2007 A Shocker in Marseille - the kickboxing world is stunned as SAMIR MOHAMED loses his first outing in 120 fights
17-11-2007 Kickboxing fighter - Gary Fullerton congratulates niece - Chanise the 8 year old is this weeks Brooklands Cup Winner
15-11-2007 Jess and Hamilton jetted out to France and to the Biggest Kickboxing
12-11-2007 Prokick to open up in Well-Fit in Lurgan
10-11-2007 Northern Irish fight fans have witnessed the kickboxing Enigma that is -
09-11-2007 Belfast City Mayor Honours Belfast Business Woman
10-11-2007 Week 19 This weeks winner of Brooklands Cup was Aaron Mooney
06-11-2007 In the past, it has drawn TV stars, pop idols, sporting heroes and politicians. yes folks - news of this event will follow soon
05-11-2007 Check out 'Bunch of Cults' - Says 'Jumpin Joe Lindsay'
04-11-2007 Lydia Braniff retires
04-11-2007 Pictures and results from Sunday's Grading
04-11-2007 Carl Emery in Belfast
03-11-2007 Jack Hull is week 18 winner of the Brooklands Cup
03-11-2007 Natasha McKay wins Halloween Competition
30-10-2007 Stuart Jess heads to France to the Biggest Kickboxing event in Europe
27-10-2007 Competition for the best Halloween Mask design
27-10-2007 Enter competition for the best Halloween Mask design
22-10-2007 Paul Clake edits the Brawl on the wall event
20-10-2007 Fraser Audley Winner of the Brooklands Cup
13-10-2007 Pictures from the Boxing
12-10-2007 For all the current and past News on the event
12-10-2007 Pictures Special from 'The Brawl on the Wall'
Big Boxing match -  turned into a WAR of words 
10-10-2007 Gary Hamiltons is Boxing this Saturday
10-10-2007 Check weigh-in by the BBB of C
07-10-2007 Gary Hamilton's changes rules
01-10-2007 Brawl on The Wall Results in brief
01-10-2007 Check out all the news & results from the 'BRAWL ON THE WALL'
29-09-2007 Brooklands Cup Winner Roxanne Christie
Winner of the Brooklands Cup
26-09-2007 New club opened in Armagh
18-09-2007 Cabrera talks about the Brawl on the Wall
16-2007 Craftsman Cleaners back the ' Brawl on the Wall'
15-09-2007 Aimee Wilson winner of this weeks Brooklands Cup
14-09-2007 A group of men from Hong Kong headed further East to pick up tips in the Martial Arts
12-09-2007 Check out video clips from Brawl on the wall
12-09-2007 Hairdressers get behind ' Brawl on the Wall'
08-09-2007 Eleven Year-old Dylan Lennox DOWN-UNDER
01-09-2007 Nathan Feely wins week 9 of the Brooklands Cup
26-08-2007 Shankill club re-opened for beginners
26-08-2007 Check out some fighting talk at the Brawl on the Wall
25-08-2007 Laura Macartney wins the Brooklands cup
24-08-2007 End of the new beginner course and the winner of the proKick says
24-08-2007 Press Day for the Brawl on the Wall
22-08-2007 Brendon Thompson from Schwarzkopf talks about the the 'Brawl on the Wall'
20-08-2007 Press conference for the 'Brawl on the Wall' is today August 24 Up-dated -
18-08-2007 Chelsea Leigh Swift is week sevens winner of the Brooklands Cup
17-08-2007 New club opens in North Belfast
11-08-2007 Billy Murray at the K1 in Vegas to discuss bringing it back to Northern Ireland
11-08-2007 Morgan Allen is this weeks Brooklands Cup winner
10-08-2007 New gym to open in the North West
09-08-2007 Murray jetted to Vegas and met with K1 bosses to discuss bringing K1 to Northern Ireland.
08-08-2007 The ProKick team at Bangor's George Green Community Centre, for a kids fun day
07-08-2007 Brooklands Cup
07-08-2007 Brendon Thompson from Schwarzkopf talks about the the 'Brawl on the Wall'
06-08-2007 News Beginner class started
06-08-2007 Video section up-dated
04-08-2007 Results from Germany
03-08-2007 ProKick fighters head to Germany
03-08-2007 ProKick's Next campaign - Get Fit For Summer
28-07-2007 ProKick says event is a great success
27-07-2007 European champion Ian Young and Darren Dougan are two of the big guns at the Millennium Forum .
18-07-2007 ProKick's Next campaign - Get Fit For Summer
11-07-2007 Joe wasn't the only thing on fire across NI
10-07-2007 North West’s biggest ever kickboxing event is heading to Derry city’s Millennium Forum
07-07-2007 Brooklands Cup
05-07-2007 Hamilton's next defence
02-07-2007 A Movie clip from the Fun day at Brooklands school with Prokick
02-07-2007 PROKICK NEWS for JULY
01-07-2007 BBC's Joe Lindsay got his yellow belt.
01-07-2007 Prokick Kids Grading a huge success
01-07-2007 Adult Grading day
27-06-2007 Its going to be the new Seven Wonders of the world
25-06-2007 Italian Job II DVD went on sale Monday. Click here for a preview of the DVD.
23-06-2007 Prokicks web broadcast from the gym was a resounding success
23-06-2007 'Prokick Says' results for the 17th Competition
19-06-2007 Billy Murray takes Assembly
14-06-2007 Video preview for this weekend's event
14-06-2007 'The Italian Job'
Info for officials trainers and fighters
Weigh-in - Rules meeting - Medicals
13-06-2007 The Italian Job LIVE from Belfast
13-06-2007 Schwarzkopf raise the hair for kickboxers
13-06-2007 Aloha to our USA and world-wide surfers
09-06-2007 Prokick's search for a star
08-06-2007 New night club 'Karma' opens
07-06-2007 ProKick Kids hit Brookland Primary Dundonald
07-06-2007 ProKick team head back to School this week
01-06-2007 Ian Young gets backing for Title shot
01-06-2007 Prokick news for June
30-05-2007 Park Avenue 'Italian Job II' Fight-card released
29-05-2007 Kickboxers will have a hair-raising time - thanks to Schwarzkopf
28-05-2007 Kickboxing search for a star but not to compete
26-05-2007 Kickboxer Ken Horan wins top award
26-05-2007 Kids results from Prokick Says
25-05-2007 Ken Horan up for an award
19-05-2007 Poster for the Park Ave event
13-05-2007 Prokick Grading - kids and adults make the grade
12-05-2007 Prokick News for May
11-05-2007 Fight poster for Italy 'The Italian Job II'

UFC hits Belfast 16 June Odyssey Arena.

08-05-2007 Fight card for Germany
05-05-2007 Info about the Germany event
28-04-2007 Prokick Says a hit yet again
27-04-2007 Bank on Michael
25-04-2007 Spanish kickboxing superstar Rafa Del Toro visits the Prokick gym
21-04-2007 Results from Italy
19-04-2007 Dublin's Dylan Scally will take part in the the WKN European Cup in Italy.
14-04-2007 Picture Special from Aberdeen
14-04-2007 Grimason defends title in Aberdeen
11-04-2007 Mr Mervyn Elder honoured by Kickboxers
10-04-2007 Ian Young helps out

Andrew Grimason defends his amateur WKN light middleweight world crown

01-04-2007 Kickboxing students moving up another level in their pursuit of excellence
31-03-2007 Results from the third kids event in 2007
26-03-2007 Barrie Oliver couldn't understand why his proud mother wasn't ringside to see his first bout
25-03-2007 Report and pictures from the Falls event
20-03-2007 Another big name joins in at the Falls event
18-03-2007 Picture Special of Hamilton in Toulouse
17-03-2007 Belfast’s Gary Hamilton scored a momentous victory to retain his world featherweight kickboxing crown.
16-03-2007 Who said you need to be young to enjoy the fast sport of Kickboxing - Well just read Dessie's story and learn that age doesn't really matter
15-03-2007 Cocky but talented Alexander White
14-03-2007 Andrea supports her man
13-03-2007 Another big name joins in at the Falls event
3-03-2007 Results from Norway
3-03-2007 ProKickies - out and about in Norway - and Photos from the weigh-in
2-03-2007 Fight card - Northern Irish & Scottish Kickboxers are in Norway this morning
2-03-2007 Belfast's JamieCrawford lost to Farid M'Laikia in Geneva.
23-02-2007 Former members make a come back and finish the 6 weeks top-up course
26-02-2007 Second chance to see BBC’s InSide-out this Monday 12.15pm on the 26th
24-02-2007 February's ProKick Kids event was another great success
23-02-2007 Old timers making a come back
21-02-2007 Celts Vs the Viking in Norway March 3rd ... The team are named..
20-02-2007 Falls and Shankill are fighting
19-02-2007 Gary Hamilton defends his title in France..
20-02-2007 Desi passes on a little advice
19-02-2007 Check out BBC’s InSide-out this Friday 7.30pm on the 23rd
18-02-2007 Alexander White is back in Belfast
17-02-2007 Check out our next events at home and away
16-02-2007 Check out next weeks BBC’s InSide-out when presenter Joe Lindsay as he meets Billy Murray - BBC1 NI at 7.30pm on the 23rd
08-02-2007 There's only one Rocky.. and his name is Desi
03-02-2007 A new star shines bright from the East (East Germany that is) -
James Gillen in Germany
02-02-2007 Big James Jets out to Germany
01-02-2007 “Health For Kids awards £10,000 in prizes for individuals, teams and groups”
31-01-2007 A Picture special from the Kids event at the Next Generation show
30-01-2007 Picture special from the Next Generation Park Ave event
27-01-2007 Results from the Next Generation Park Ave event
26-01-2007 Fight Card for the Park Ave event this Saturday
24-01-2007 Kilkooley Womens group KO'd by surprise visit
23-01-2007 Info for the Park Avenue event
16-01-2007 " Re-booted - Its I'm A Champion - Get me in the RING"
15-01-2007 Next ProKick event 27th Jan in Belfast
15-01-2007 Winner - Desi Macartney speaks out
11-01-2007 Big James Gillen Heads to Germany in February
11-01-2007 Gary Hamilton met Gary Hamilton
10-01-2007 Red eyed training begins early for the 'Lone Runner'
05-01-2007 All class times are back to normal -
check classes times
03-01-2007 If you are a promoter then contact us
02-01-2007 Belfast top Thai fighter signs deal for a return to Switzerland
01-01-2007 A Review of what made ProKick one of the World's top kickboxing and fight clubs in 2006