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28-8-03 Playstation Experience at Earls Court in London
28-8-03 Prokick at the Odyssey

World champion Alex Gong shot and killed

3-8-03 New green belts
27-7-03 Grading - New Yellow & Orange belts
23-7-03 New Prokick Clubs
22-7-03 Kickboxer from Downunder
22-7-03 Gary Noade's Portugal trip is off
18-7-03 Paul Day K.O
18-7-03 New Prokick Video clips
10-7-03 North West of NI soon to be back it action
10-7-03 Baird on the mend
2-7-07 Gary Noade out again this weekend
2-7-03 News to Prokick members - grading's etc
28-6-03 More Kickboxing on Eurosport
20-6-03 New British Champion in Hospital