Prokick Beginners Classes

Beginners Kickboxing

The ultimate way to get fit, increase your confidence and learn new techniques for self-defence.

Next Course starts Thursday June 22nd 2017
Class times are 8:15pm - 9.00pm (45mins) every Thursday

What is it?

Kickboxing Bag Work for Beginners

Okay, so you`ve found a gym where you want to train and you've built up the courage to join our 6-weeks beginners class (thank you for choosing Prokick), now you’re not sure what to expect from us, or from your workout.

Well here`s the heads-up, kickboxing is one of the most rounded workouts you can do -after just a couple of classes you`ll start to develop muscles you didn't know you had. Add to that increased flexibility, reduced body fat, improved co-ordination, self-confidence, self-defense techniques, BIG calorie burn and cardiovascular conditioning…Kickboxing at Prokick has many physical benefits to it.

Golden rules – How to survive in Prokick
  • Don't be late or laps round the block.
  • Don't talk during class or star jumps for everyone.
  • Don't intentionally hurt anyone or expulsion.
  • Do acknowledge any injuries you have and train accordingly.
  • Do ask questions (before or after class) if you`re not sure of anything.
  • Do respect your instructor, the club, staff, and the ethos of ProKick - Truth, Discipline & Respect
What you need to bring
  • Loose and comfortable clothing.
  • A bottle of water.
  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
What you should expect from Prokick
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Increased fitness & flexibility
  • Healthy mind and body
  • Lifestyle change (diet, outlook, energy levels etc)
  • New friends
  • Exhaustion
  • Sweat
  • Tears
  • Success
What Prokick expects from you?
  • Truth - be yourself.
  • Discipline - give your training everything you can.
  • Respect - for yourself and others.

Kickboxing Pad Work for Beginners

When and what is the cost?

Our next course starts on:

Next Course starts Thursday June 22nd @ 8.15pm

6 week course costs £25

If you have completed this course before please call the office to arrange your return as we have other courses available.

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