Cathy McAleer took a unaminous decision in an non-stop all action K1-style match against Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia) as she topped the bill at the Queens Hall.

The semi-main event match was also a crowd pleaser - Killian Emery of Switzerland, a ProKick favourite. Killian met tough Irishman Rytis Danuiles from Billy O'Sullivan Kickboxing Gym from Waterford. This fight lived up to the billing as both boys give they're all. Knock-downs, spinning kicks, flying knee strikes with each wanting to win. The judges could only see it one way - Killian Emery wins his 16 fights.

Report to follow

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WKN International K1 match 4x2 - 54kg

Cathy McAleer WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia)

Amateur International
K1 kickboxing match 4x2 - 68kg
Killian Emery WINNER Points (
Yamabushi, Switzerland) Vs Rytis Danuiles (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Amateur Low-Kick match 3x2
Rowena Bolt
WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Julia Chatellier (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice Low-Kick match 3x2 - 57kg
Charlene Best
WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Lorie Lacroix (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice First time fighters:

Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 - 80kg
Henry Moore (Belfast) Vs
Thomas Poulain WINNER Points (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice Full-Contact Teenager match 3x2 - 60kg
Grace Goody 
WINNER Points (Belfast,NI) Vs Natalie Parkins Delaney (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Undercard:ProKick Kids will open the show with a selection of light-contact matches.