Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions RE kickboxing syllabus and grading moves:

- what moves do I need to get my yellow belt in kickboxing?

- how long will it take for me to get my yellow belt?

- do I need to spar or fight to move up a level and get a yellow belt?

All the moves for a ProKick yellow belt are depicted on this video. On average it normally would take 8-12 week to be proficient for this first level / yellow belt, training one to two-times  a week. No, there is no contact in this level.

This video will act as an aid to all ProKick members and all types of martial art fans. However, it is best to find yourself a good reputable club and coach when practising any style of kickboxing and martial arts.

The set moves here are demonstrated by three ProKick students and fighters, #JohnnySwiftSmith #JakeMcCready & Swiss born #KillianEmery - with the narration by ProKick’s founder & senior coach #BillyMurray .

A grading is when Kickboxing students, non-contact and contact, are assessed through a series of levels / grades, with the base level being White Belt, through ten levels, finally reaching a Dan grade at black belt, which is equivalent, if you like, to a degree level in KickBoxing. This type of achievement would take, on average, between six and eight years with a training regime of on average of three to four times a week.