The doors open at 3pm Sunday 11th June at Queens Hall Newtownards
 ProKick International kickboxing event.

WKN International K1 match 4x2 - 54kg

Cathy McAleer (Belfast, NI) Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia)
Both fighters weigh'd-in at 54.2kg
This was
 the first to be weigh'd-in for Sunday's kickboxing event at the Queens Hall in Newtownards. The weight is over for Cathy McAleer & Beatrice Marcialis as both fighters hit the scales at 54.2 respectfully. The match was made by the WKN world office at 54kg and under K1 style rules over 4 by 2 min rounds. The next weigh-ins are at 9pm at the Park Ave Hotel.

All the fighters hit the weight - details below from 9pm tonight

Amateur Low-Kick match 3x2
Rowena Bolt
(Belfast, NI) Vs
Julia Chatellier (Yamabushi, Switzerland)
Rowena 55.9kg and Chatellier was 57.1kg

Novice Low-Kick match 3x2 - 57kg
Charlene Best (Belfast, NI) Vs Lorie Lacroix (Yamabushi, Switzerland)
Charlene weigh'd in at 57.6kg and Lorie made 57.2kg

Novice First time fighters:

Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 - 80kg
Henry Moore (Belfast) Vs
Thomas Poulain (Yamabushi, Switzerland)
Henry made an all time low of 79.6kg with Thomas light at 76.9kg


The two below fighters will weigh-in 12;30pm on the 11th June.

Amateur International K1 kickboxing match 4x2 - 68kg
Killian Emery (
Yamabushi, Switzerland) Vs Rytis Danuiles(Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Novice Full-Contact Teenager match 3x2 - 60kg
Grace Goody (Belfast,NI) Vs Natalie Parkins Delaney (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Undercard:ProKick Kids will open the show with a selection of light-contact matches. 

Tickets are available from the ProKick Gym or here on-line

Check out the fight card at the Queen’s Hall Newtownards