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Karl McBlain at Shidokan Karate kickboxing Tokyo - Video

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Teenager Karl McBlain from Belfast experienced what some have said is a trip of a life-time - the east Belfast man McBlain took time of work to travel alongside a Northern Ireland kickboxing team to Japan.

The team who travelled to the far-east fought against some of Japan's young amateurs and whilst there the team enhance their training by visiting different kickboxing clubs for training and sparring. First they travelled to Nagoya where the team faced an amateur select from Master Hoost's Gym. A few days later the team visited the J-Network for sparring and training.

The final leg of training was hosted by the WKN Japanese office held at the Shidokan Karate & kickboxing in Tokiwadai Tokyo which is a branch of the Japanese Shidokan honbu. The young amateur ProKick team faced some of Japan's hardened professionals for sparring with all of the team having the opportunity of a few 3 minute rounds of kickboxing sparring. Check the Japanese fighter out.

Team coach Billy Murray said: " I'd like to thank the Shidokan Karate & kickboxing in Tokiwadai Tokyo - and especially Mrs Shinobu SESHIME who went out of her way to help us. The sparring was great and invaluable for this young team. I really wanted to pit my guys with the same standard of amateurs from Shidokan. This would have given me a better indication to gauge our performances. Having said that all our team loved the chance to step into the ring with some of Japan's finest kickboxing talent."

私はShinokanまったくのおかげで、すべての彼らの助けにWKNするには、この機会を利用したいと思います。 Watashi wa Shidokan mattaku no okage de, subete no karera no tasuke ni Shinokan suru ni wa, kono kikai o riyō shitai to omoimasu.頑張って、私たちはまた会う日まで Ganbatte, watashi-tachi wa mata au hi made

Billy Murray OSU!

ProKick team coach & manager


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