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Team ProKick Sparring with J-Network - Video

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Team ProKick are on a none-stop mission whilst in Japan - the team were offered an opportunity to come together with Kickboxing group J-Network for some light, friendly sparring - and grasped the chance with a J-Network is a kickboxing franchise right across Tokyo teaching kickboxing for fitness and self-defence as well as the competitive side of the sport . A big thanks to Genki Sueyoshi who helped organise the training session and also to Kota Onojima who allowed us to join in with his class for sparring. Check out Michael Swann at the end - nice technique Michael! More sparring to follow and next time the ProKick team are put under pressure by a team from the Shidokan Karate & kickboxing in Tokiwadai Tokyo. The young amateur ProKick team faced some of Japan's hardened professionals for sparring. Most of the team having the opportunity of a few 3 minute rounds of kickboxing sparring.


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