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  • This page is for Prokick kickboxing events or associated events that ProKick kickboxing school are attending with post and up-n-coming events
Date of event: 2008 up-coming events
2008 Some Dates and events for 2008
23-02-08 Belfast - Hilton Hotel - Black tie diner The Bash 'n' Mash awards night
2007 post-event reports:
22-12-07 Brooklands Cup winners
17-22 Dec Competition week for Kickboxing mad kid's and adults at the Prokick Gym.
08-12-07 Switzerland. Punch on the Rocks II promoted by Carl Emery
01-12-07 Belfast WKN featherweight will appear in a non-title six rounder at the
He will be on the undercard to veteran Wayne McCullough.
17-11-07 A Shocker in Marseille - the kickboxing world is stunned as SAMIR MOHAMED loses his first outing in 120 fights
17-11-07 Kickboxing fighter - Gary Fullerton congratulates niece - Chanise the 8 year old is this weeks Brooklands Cup Winner
06-10-07 Brooklands Cup winners
29-9-07 Brawl On The Wall - Results
01-9-07 Results and pictures from the Prokick Says
04-8-07 Brooklands Cup winners
04-8-07 Results from Germany - Prokick fighters return
30-7-07 Kids ProKick Says July event
23-6-07 Kids June event
15-6-07 Results from 'The Italian Job II'
26-5-07 Prokick Says monthly kids event
19-5-07 Results from Hamburg, Germany - German select took on an Irish select
28-4-07 Prokick Says monthly kids event this Saturday at 11am
21-4-07 Italy - WKN Amateur European low leg kickboxing championships
14-4-07 Albert Ross hosted his yearly event at the Skean Dhu hotel in Aberdeen
31-3-07 The monthly Kids event for kicking mad kids
25-3-07 Results from the Falls Leisure Centre event
17-3-07 Belfast’s Gary Hamilton retains his world featherweight kickboxing crown.
03-3-07 Results from Norway - The Celts Vs The Vikings
02-3-07 Belfast's Jamie Crawford lost to Farid M'Laikia in Geneva.
24-2-07 February's 'ProKick Says' kids event
27-1-07 Next Generation results from the Park Ave
27-1-07 First Kids event this year 'ProKick Says'
2006 post-event reports:
16-12-06 The twelfth Prokick Say's competition for kickboxing mad kids -
The conclusion
1-12-06 Turin Italy fight report
25-11-06 Eleventh ProKick kids event
04-11-06 Carl Emery promoted Switzerland Vs Ireland
29-10-06 She's just Frantastic and the Hitman does it again in Kilkenny
28-10-06 Kickboxing at the Hilton 5 big title matches.
22-10-06 Results from the next installment of ‘PROKICK SAYS’ children’s competition
23-09-06 Results from Aberdeen - An International event -
16-09-06 Kids Competition time
10-09-06 It was a double KO for the Prokick fighters
27-08-06 Report from Motherwell Scotland - The Hilton hotel
20-08-06 Results from Comber Leisure centre 20th August
29-07-06 Results from the July Kids Competition Day
30-06-06 The sixth installment of the Prokick Say's competition
24-06-06 Park Avenue hotel Night show
24-06-06 Park Avenue hotel Day show
14-05-06 Mayhem in the Loup on May 14 - Title event
06-05-06 May 6th Geneva - Swisserland Vs N.Ireland
15-04-06 Aberdeen April 15 Scotland Vs N.Ireland
02-04-06 Next Generation event - Results
23-03-06 Mar - Kids ProKick kids competition
12-03-06 Bash n Mash Results
16-02-06 Feb - Kids ProKick kids competition
17-01-06 Jan - Kids Competition time -
  2003/04/05 post-event reports
19-12-05 Belfast - LIVE Eurosport event
21-10-05 Cyprus Event
01-10-05 Kickboxing event at the City Hall
31-9-05 Kilkenny event
24-09-05 Scotland Aberdeen event
28-08-05 Carrickfergus event - 'King of the Castle'
10-06-05 Results from LIVE Boxing Mania VII
14-05-05 Park Ave Charity Show - a huge success
08-05-05 The Loup event
30-04-05 Post Tenbras Cup - The 10th year
04-04-05 Next Generation Ulster Hall's results
28-03-05 Grimason & Horan win in Belgium
22-03-05 Results from the awards
29-01-05 Hamilton ready for Paris
17-12-04 KICKmas Results
5-12-04 Report from Galway
4-12-04 Results for Geneva
7-11-04 Gary Hamilton wins in Kilkenny
30-10-04 Results revealed from the Ladykillers
25-9-04 The Next Generation from the Park Ave Hotel - Grimason tops the bill
26-6-04 Lydia Braniff's Irish title & Billy O'Sullivan's king of the Middleweights
13-6-04 Return of the King -fight report with pics
02-5-04 Ottawa, Canada
24-4-04 Hamilton wins in Geneva
04-4-04 Park Ave Next Generation results
5-3-04 Results from the Bash and Mash
15-2-04 Lord of the Ring - from Kilkenny
22-12-03 Kickmas at the Ulster hall
4-12-03 Switzerland. Belfast's Andrew Grimason
23-11-03 Gary Noade - PLUS Barcelona fight reports
9-10-03 Nick Baird misses out in Garmany
26-9-03 News and results from Galway
22-9-03 King of the Welterweights
27-7-03 Portugal event
5-7-03 Hilton Scotland July 5th
29-6-03 Kilkenny Fight report
20-6-03 Kickboxing Mania VI