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  The Fighting Irish come up winners

Promoter Paul Cummins enjoyed a full house at the Springhill Court Hotel on Sunday for the biggest promotion of his career. The Kilkenny Black Dragon kickboxing supremo organised a real feast of fight action for the local fight fans as he staged a host of titles. There were in total three amateur boxing bouts, a Thai-Boxing demo, Ju Jitsu demo and eight kickboxing bouts too.
Rory Burke topped the bill as he faced Portugal’s Ricardo Fernandez in the Irish mans first defense of his middleweight world title and after seven rounds of class action the judges scored the fight in favour of the defending champ Burke.
The other world title was team mate Vini di-Ruscio and Paul McGregor of Scotland. The two had met in a prestige bout in Dundee early last year when McGregor took the close points decision. This time it was a different story though, Di-Ruscio started as he meant to go on, with immense power which eventually brought the bout to an early finish in the fourth round.
The bout of the day though was definitely the clash between John Paul Sommes of Kilkenny and Waterford’s Willie Burke. The two battled it out for five rounds with some of the hardest hitting action of the afternoon coming from the featherweight’s and it was Sommes the current WKN European champion who took the judges decision.
In all it was a superb afternoon of fight action and Cummins will be more than happy with the results and the attendance at his first event of the year.

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