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Its Kickboxing Mania at the Belfast Gym All This Week

Its competition time at the Prokick Kickboxing Gym all this week as the senior & junior members get ready for Christmas.

Winners of the Thursday night 7pm open class were:

Follow: Gary Fullerton
Points: Gary Bunting
Sprints: Toni Mallen
Huffiest Boy: Adrian Moat - because he didn't win a trophy we made one up for him. Savior of the Brawl on the Wall" (He really was)
Time Circuit: Toni Mallen

Winners of the Wednesday night 6pm senior kickboxing class were:

Follow: Paul Gordon
Prokick Says: Billy Morrow
Points Colin Malcolm
Speed Trial Circuit: Paul Gordon. Paul said “After 13 years of marriage, it’s easy to take orders.”
Sprints: Gary Fullerton
With Bill Morrow a close second. Bill said "I was robbed"
Gary said Bill was "That slow he should have used a sun dial"

Winner of the Wednesday 7pm Sparring class points tournament was Mike Burford,
Runner up - Adrian Moat

Tournament winner was Mike Burford, (right).And Runner-up was Adrian Moat

Winners of the Tuesday Kids 6pm Orange and above Kickboxing class winners were:

Overall winner of Points - sparring: Abie Macartney
Best improved saprring: Eoin Cullen

Winners of the Tuesday 7pm Green and Blue belt class were:

Runer-up for Speed trial - Stevie Kidd - Stevie Claims that Ian Young cheated by tripping him, otherwise he would have won.
Winner of speed trials: Ian Young denys all claims of cheating and says "I am the fastest in the gym and I challenge Robert McNeil to a Face-Off in the Speed time trials."
More on this as the week goes on. meanwhile Stevies happy with his winning DVD.

Winners of the Tuesday 8pm Orange Belt class were:
Prokick Says: Philip McKinney
Speed trials: Robert McNeill who beat Ian's previous record by knocking a second and a half off the time. Will he accept Ian Young's challenge? Stay tuned

Winners of the Monday 6pm Yellow belt kickboxing class were:
Prokick Says:Cathy Sullivan,
Races: Phil McCoubrey and Peter Hrosbak, (Phil is usually in the senior class and was happy that he wasn't in his senior class tonight as he took one of the medals)
Follow: Phil McCoubrey.
Best shadow boxer Tomas Glazer, voted by seniors Peter Wilson and Gary Fullerton

Winners of the 7pm Senior Kickboxing class were:

Races- Rebekah Belton. (Ian Young, would have been the lucky winner but he broke the rules and as you can see below he was not happy)
Follow: Rebekah Belton - Gary Fullerton presents her with a medal
Prokick Says: Rebekah Belton... Again! Peter Wilson presents her with a medal.

And last but not least, Rebekah judges the senior class to see who is the best shadow boxer
Ian Young has nice kicks and fancy footwork, but Rebekah decided that Peter Wilson was the more entertaining. Again Ian is not amused.


Congratulations Rebekah for a clean sweep at the ProKick competitions.




Winners of the 8pm Beginners kickboxing Class were:
Prokick Says: Richard Skinner
Follow: Kieran Murray

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