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Summer Fitness Open To All

The ProKick Gym - Belfast

Belfast’s celebrated Prokick Kickboxing gym is getting set to launch its annual Summer Fitness campaign for 2007.
And the gym group is also announcing a roll-out of 10 more affiliated gyms across Northern Ireland.
Summer Fitness is open to all first-timers keen to get back in shape after lazing around on beaches on sunnier climes, and, says ProKick founder and former four time- four weight world champion Billy Murray, it is tailored to those who have never tried or considered kickboxing before.
“The summer is a time we like to let go, to eat wonderful, rich food abroad and knock back a few bottles of local brew – and the way the weather has been over here this year, it’s been more necessary than ever to getaway to pamper ourselves,” said Murray. “But rather than have people complain that they have got out of shape, we want to help them get back into it.
“At ProKick we have a long reputation for taking everyone who comes through the doors and finding a regime that is right for them. We've trained world champions and those keen on burning off a few extra pounds. It’s a fun way to get healthy and its open to absolutely everybody. Kickboxing isn’t just about getting into a ring – it’s a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.”
Murray himself is testament to the benefits of the ProKick regime. At nearly 50-years-old, the former world champion continues to stay in fantastic shape following his own diet and exercise plan. He can also tailor diet plans to meet individual needs.”
Prokick already boasts 10 gyms affiliated to the main east Belfast HQ. Murray said another 10 would open in other Northern Irish locations this summer.
To enrol in the next beginners class scheduled for Friday 31st August at 5.15pm just return an email to with beginners in the subject line.

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