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Brooklands Cup

Kickboxing king Billy Murray has used a trophy presented to him to inaugurate a novel new year-long competition for young members of his celebrated ProKick Gym.

Saturday's kids group

The Brooklands ProKick Cup will be presented each week through the next 52 weeks to the most improved ProKick kid of that week. A special shield has also been minted with space for 52 names. At the end of the year, the person with the most names on the shield will be presented with the Cup to keep for good, with their achievements immortalised in the shield which will go on display in the gym.
“I was presented with the cup by Mr McCartney, the Principal at Brooklands Primary School in Dundonald after a unique event at the school when I took 200 of the pupils through a specially tailored training class,” Murray explained. “I felt there was no better way to keep that cup as a celebration of the achievements of kids than to inaugurate the competition.
“Each week we take good attitude, improvement in technique, respect to others and attendance into consideration when choosing the winner. It’s proving a hit with the young ProKickers who are all very keen to get their hands on it. All the winners are setting quite a standard for the others to follow!”

This weeks winner
of the Brooklands Cup
is 10 year old

Rachael Campbell









Brooklands Cup Previous winners

Week 1 winner Week 2 winner Week 3 winner Week 4 winner
Week 1 winner
Summer Lily Murray
Week 2 winner
Eoin Cullen
Week 3 winner
Sophie Higginson
Week 4 winner
Jordi Fettis
Week 5 winner Week 6 winner Morgan Allen Chelsea Leigh Laura Macartney Week 8 winner
Week 5 winner
Jamie Phillips
Week 6 winner
Morgan Allen
Week 7 winner
Chelsea Leigh Swift
Week 8 winner
Laura Macartney
Winner Week 10 winner Saskia Connelly
Week 9 winner
Nathan Feely

Week 10 winner
Dylan Lennox

Week 11 winner
Aimee Wilson

Week 12 winner
Saskia Connelly

Week 13 winner Roxanne Christie wins week 14 Alana & Alex Catherwood Fraser Audley

Week 13 winner
Matthew Dornan

Week 14 winner
Roxanne Christie
Week 15 winners
Alana & Alex
Week 16 winner
Fraser Audley
Michael Stone Just Jack kicks Aaron Mooney Week 19 winner Chanise Fullerton
Week 17 winner
Michael Stone

Week 18 winner
Jack Hull

Week 19 winner
Aaron Mooney

Week 20 winner
Chanise Fullerton

Nicky McMurray Tory Corbett Reece Douglas Niamh Dougal

Week 21 winner
Nicky McMurray

Week 22 winner
Tory Corbett

Week 23 winner
Reece Douglas

Week 24 winner
Niamh Dougal

Fran Spence Emma Davey Chloe Higginson
Week 25 winner
Fran Spence

Week 26 winner
George Gibson

Week 27 winner
Emma Davey

Week 28 winner
Chloe Higginson

James Thornton Amy Lockhart Kyle Morrison Rachael Campbell

Week 29 winner
James Thornton

Week 30 winner
Amy Lockhart

Week 31 winner
Kyle Morrison

Week 32 winner
Rachael Campbell

Week 33 winner

Week 34 winner

Week 35 winner

Week 36 winner

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