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Prokick Kickboxing Website
To Launch Incredible New Site

Ireland’s leading kickboxing group Prokick will launch a brand new incredible website next week (Monday Feb 11 or before).

This website,, will become one of the most dynamic sporting sites coming out of Ireland and compete with the best in world.

ProKick founder and kickboxing legend Billy Murray says it keeps the organisation as one of the most net savvy in local sport.

“This is the 10th anniversary of the set up of this - the original site,” said Murray. “We were one of the first main websites in the country – long before the first dotcom boom or indeed before people really saw the benefit of the web.

“And now we’ve realised its time to move on and offer our ProKick members – and friends around the world – a really great interactive site for 2008.”

The site boasts a host of great features. It will have email; allow private messaging between members, instant messaging links and an ability to update member profile pages by adding pictures or photos and comment on all articles.

Importantly, says Murray, there will also be a weekly ProKickTV news bulletin posted online, breaking down the news in kickboxing nationally and internationally.

There will also be space for pod casting and a video gallery – we will also do our own ProkickTV weekly news bulletin.

Designer Daryl Campbell at ProKick gym

“We have always prided ourselves on being the sharpest and most professional kickboxing organisation in the country,” said Murray. “Because our reputation is growing internationally we wanted to provide a proper site that could satisfy our growing number of international visitors. It’s good for ProKick, it’s good for kickboxing and it’s good for Northern Ireland.”

The site is designed by graphic artist and Prokick member Daryl Campbell who designed the Prokick artwork and has a long association of ten years with ProKick, in and out of the ring. So bookmark and get ready for the new kickboxing revolution online.

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