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Click below for last years review on what Prokick Kickboxing club accomplished in 2007

Review of 2007

Date: Article Title:
09-02-2008 'Prokick Says' - Beginner's Day
09-02-2008 Rachael Campbell wins the Brooklands Cup
05-02-2008 Prokick.com IV will launch on Monday 11th Feb
04-02-2008 Ultimate in Kickboxing with the Usual Suspects at the Bash 'n' Mash
01-02-2008 Winners -Movilla High School kickboxing comp
26-01-2008 Prokick hit Lurgan - 1st class at the new state of the art fitness centre.
26-01-2008 Amy Lockhart wins Brooklands Cup
26-01-2008 Prokick Says a hit at the Prokick Gym
24-01-2008 Prokick kickboxing to hit Lurgan
18-01-2008 K1 Superstar Ernesto Hoost (LEFT) is just confirmed as special guest at the 'Bash 'n' Mash' Irish Prokick Kickboxing awards.
16-01-2008 James Thornton wins Brooklands Cup
13-01-2008 Billy Murray in America to Forge Links for the sport of kickboxing
12-01-2008 Hello to our web surfers in Hong Kong and Shanghai
12-01-2008 Chloe Higginson wins Brooklands Cup
08-01-2008 Can Slovakian Chef Tomas Glazer cut the mustard
Click here to find out and see Tomas in action on Prokicks Latest Video Clip
06-01-2008 Bash'N'Mash - ProKick's kickboxing award night - a night not to be missed
06-01-2008 Prokick News for January
05-01-2008 Prokick competition winner Kurtis McMaster
05-01-2008 Brooklands Cup winner week 28 is 13 year old Emma Davey
03-01-2008 Click for Prokick Video Clips
01-01-2008 Get Fit in 2008 with ProKick Kickboxing classes
01-01-2008 A Review of what made ProKick one of Ireland's, if not the World's top kickboxing and fight clubs in 2007